Is Inequality Inhibiting Growth?

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La raíz de los actuales problemas económicos, la desigualdad. La eterna solución a ese y muchos otros problemas, la educación. Buen articulo.

Is Inequality Inhibiting Growth?

CHICAGO – To understand how to achieve a sustained recovery from the Great Recession, we need to understand its causes. And identifying causes means starting with the evidence.

Two facts stand out. First, overall demand for goods and services is much weaker, both in Europe and the United States, than it was in the go-go years before the recession. Second, most of the economic gains in the US in recent years have gone to the rich, while the middle class has fallen behind in relative terms. In Europe, concerns about domestic income inequality, though more muted, are compounded by angst about inequality between countries, as Germany roars ahead while the southern periphery stalls.


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