Please remind me what socialism look like.

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Wouldn’t it make sense for the government instead of intervening in the management of PRIVATE schools, to actually concentrate in improving access and quality of public schools?

Wouldn’t better public education put more pressure on private schools to become more affordable? I would think that the government can offer more incentives to great professors than private schools – and I mean not in terms of paychecks… tax credits? loans? Increased mobility for teachers wanting to relocate? Etc., etc.

Harvard-Led Colleges Pile on Faculty Perks as Student Costs Grow

March 12 (Bloomberg) — The  University of Chicago paid James  Madara $2.5 million in severance when he stepped down in 2009 as medical  dean and hospital chief. Madara, who remained on the faculty, later joined the American  Medical Association.

Congress is taking a look at such payments following  disclosures that Jacob  Lew, the new U.S.  Treasury secretary, received a $685,000 bonus when he left New  York University and had $1.5 million in housing loans from  the school.


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